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Winter Warmers

Are you feeling the cool change? Have you misplaced your winter jacket over the summer period? Are you looking at upgrading your current work attire?

Deciding which jacket to buy over the cooler months can be trickier than you think...

*Is it cool enough to warrant a thick, wool lined jacket? Or will I swelter as soon as I start manual labour?

*Should I purchase a vest to keep my chest warm? Or will I need something a little warmer on my arms?

*Do I need a jacket made of nylon so it can double as a rain jacket? Or will a cotton/drill jacket be suitable?

*What about the wind? Should I look at a wind breaker if I work outdoors in open areas? Or will I spend the majority of my time in the workshop?

These are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind when purchasing your new Winter Warmers.

If you're in need a winter jacket, vest, beanie or a pair of gloves to keep yourself warm this winter, than head into our store in Emerald, Central Queensland to try our latest gear.

Here are a couple of 'Best Sellers'

*XAX Master Vis Jacket - RRP $66.00 *Portwest Quilt Padded Cotton Drill Jacket - RRP $93.50

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